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Monday Night Poker League

Starts February 3

Poker League

Join us Monday nights (February 3 to May 18, 2020) for our Texas Hold'em Poker League.  

Weekly buy in: $80 plus $10 Admin Fee ($20 per entry will be withheld for the Championship Prize Pool on May 18)

Freeze Out - NO REBUYS

Max number of weekly players is 33

After 16 weeks, the top 10 players get a free roll into the Championship (May 18, 2020)

Points will be awarded based on the number of players each week:

   EXAMPLE:  20 Players in the weekly tournament:

                         1st place = 20 points

                         2nd place = 19 points

                         3rd place = 18 points ......... 20th place = 1 point

For more information please see a Games Manager in the casino pit area, or email [email protected]

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